Automatic DBS lead topology correction

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What this code does

Download files

The code, examples and additional scripts for creation of DBS leads in HFSS can be downloaded here.


Download the zip file using the link above and unzip it. If you have a GPU running on a Linux computer, go to the CODE/ folder and compile the gamma distance GPU kernel as follows: nvcc -ptx This will create the GLOBAL_CONST_CUDAKernel.ptx file required to launch the kernel from Matlab. The GLOBAL_CONST_CUDAKernel.ptx file present in the CODE/ subfolder was created on a CentOS Linux computer (version 7.2.1511) using CUDA 6.5. You may try to use it, but there is no guarantee that it will work on your computer.

The subfolder EXAMPLE/ contains an example of how to run the code. All the options used in this script are commented and should be easy to understand. There are several things to note in this script:

  • Both the left and right DBS leads are loaded in Matlab and are connected in a single wireframe dataset. The topology correction process is run on this "super-lead" in order to remove gamma distance violations not only between the segments of a given lead, but also between segments belonging to different leads. Once the topology correction has been performed, the leaft and right leads can be separated again.